THE BIZZ MEMBERSHIP for self identifying femmes in the creative industries that want to LEARN the tools they need to manage their own careers, turn their IDEAS into cold hard CASH and be a part of a network of babes that all have one key thing in common, we all want each other to be really fucking successful.

Just like many small businesses don’t need to retain a PR in order to promote themselves, many self employed womxn do not need management in order to build a successful career online or secure lucrative clients, projects and partnerships. It is quite the opposite in fact. YOU are the best person to get the best jobs for you and we are going to show you how to do it. The key part of this statement is that we will show you how but you will need to do the hard work yourself.

Here is what is included.

  • 2 exclusive members events a year (you grls know we love an event!)

  • priority access to our monthly Soho House events, members will bag the first spaces before they are announced on instagram

  • monthly online workshops on subjects linked to our monthly Soho Hose event topics, FOR INSTANCE: how to pitch like a boss, how to make a killer pdf, how to PR yourself, how to build a lush online community, how to set and increase your rates, how to make friends not contacts and how to work with brands.

  • one personalised bizz advice e mail a month with Kirsti

  • emergency contact number for those situations that just can’t wait for those OMG I’ve been asked to do this amazing thing but I have NO FUCKING IDEA how much money to ask for and so on and so forth

This membership has been a long time coming. It is focusing on the areas that we know best because the most important thing is that this membership DELIVERS for you.

We are beyond excited to finally welcome you babes into our network of grls that help grls, us helping you, you helping yourself and all of us together helping women aged 18-30 trapped by low pay or no pay & facing a life of poverty via a monthly £5 donation to @youngwomenstrust from every single membership fee. Welcome to doing business the grl pwr gang way <3

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