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SO, you’re ready to level up but need some one on one time and extra support to help you get to the next stage. Whether you are an existing member that needs help with a specific sticking point or a non member that needs one off consultancy, this is a very personal session that will be tailored specifically to you and your needs. Whether that is to fine tune your branding at the very beginning of your journey or identify new revenue streams that will take your bizz to that next level.

I am a big believer in regularly assessing what drives you to do what you do and then crucially making sure that you channel that drive into clear and achievable goals.

We will work together to get you to where you want to be.

  • an initial telephone consultation to make sure I can defo help you, I won’t take your hard earned cash if I feel I can’t add value

  • a one hour facetime call to go over what we want to achieve together

  • a plan of action that may include contacts from my little black book

  • a check in 1 month later to chart progress and see if we need to work together for a longer period of time

In a nut shell, this is global business consultancy on a start up budget.

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Kirsti Hadley - Founder Grl Pwr Gang

Kirsti Hadley - Founder Grl Pwr Gang