GRLPWR Gang, founded by Kirsti Nicole Hadley, on International Womens Day 2016, is a collective of influential women that have come together because they have one very important thing in common and they want to shout it from the rooftops – a passion for supporting women in the creative industries and female empowerment.

The collective works on 5 key pillars:

  • OPPORTUNITY – to provide opportunity for like-minded ladies to come together for girl-chat, media networking, creative support, team projects and sharing ideas.

  • COLLABORATION – to collaborate on networking events and branded projects, promoting their skills, and from that act as a tool to encourage and inspire other young women to access the creative industries as a potential career path.

  • KNOWLEDGE – to pass on their collective knowledge to the next generation of young girls via digital engagement and live events giving a first hand insight on how to break into the creative industries.

  • NETWORKING – the collective is a networking tool for all involved with a strong message of girls helping girls, in an industry of freelancers, GRLPWR Gang have each other’s backs!

  • CREATION – to constantly create work together that we could not create alone, work that has an important message, that is meaningful, lasting and that makes a difference


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The gang have collaborated on major projects with Nike, Dr Martens, Converse, Estee Lauder, Public Desire, Local Heroes, Puma, Google, River Island, Skinny Dip and more.

Their most recent and largest project so far is a global advertising campaign for Accessorize.

Get in touch for more information – we’d love to hear from you – we are ALWAYS looking to meet ace new girls and for new and exciting projects to create and collaborate on.