Millicent Hailes


With all the spontaneity and sex appeal of an instant camera, Millicent Hailes’ Instax series is divisive, sexualised and bold. From strip clubs to seedy bathrooms, to battered cafes and paisley carpets, Hailes’ locations are dirty and her subjects beautiful as her photography delivers a dose of knife’s edge erotica, somehow maintaining a sense of mischief at the same time. – Hunger Magazine

“Inspired by strong, powerful women, using bold colours and playing with ideas of sexuality, my work may not be to everybody’s taste but it seems to provoke reactions. Definitely something that’s not to be taken too seriously, I try to inject a tongue in cheek element to my work, and using editorial platforms and my social media channels, I put myself as the subject in a lot of my imagery to show that I live my work and try to be the type of woman I want to photograph too.” – Millicent Hailes.

Worked for publications such as i-D, Vice, Dazed, Hunger, Wonderland, Novembre, Notion, Oyster, Converse, Nike, ASOS

  • What would the you of now tell yourself 10 years ago?

Not to give a fuck about what anybody thinks of you.